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Sunday, September 20, 2015

DIY Cute Step Stones

Greetings to my DIY, artistic, creative gardeners and upcyclers!

I have an easy DIY way to make step stones for your garden here:

You Will Need:

1. Quickrete Cement Mix
2. Water
3. Many bottle caps and/or stones and/or ceramic pieces and/or other smooth, flat colorful items
4. Cement dye (optional)
5. Plastic tray/dish for under pots
6. Plastic bucket for mixing
7. Stick or shovel for mixing


1. Mix the water, cement mix and cement dye (optional) together in the bucket.  The mixture should be the thickness of porridge once combined.

2. Pour the mixture in to the plastic tray and spread flat.

3. Let sit for about 20 minutes so the cement is set but still damp.

4. Press bottle caps, stones etc. into the cement in any pattern you like! (This is the fun part!!)

5. Allow to harden for 48 hours.

6. Place in the garden and enjoy!

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