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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

43 Gardening Podcasts To Enjoy!

Greetings gardeners & audiophiles!

I have "discovered" more gardening podcasts. 

You can download any of these to your smart phone, ipad or computer by searching for them within the Apple podcasts app.  Simply cut and paste the title into the search section (blank space next to the magnifying glass icon) within the app.  If you do not have the app, you can download it here .

You can also just click the links below.  Many of these podcasts also have blogs, facebook pages and/or websites!

 Here is an updated list of some I have found (I highlighted my favorites) :

  1. NPR: You Bet Your Garden
  2. PBS: Gardening Tips From The Victory Garden
  3. Zoomer Radio AM 740 - The Garden Show
  4. The KFBK Garden Show
  5. Davis Garden Show and Beyond on KDRT
  6. BBC: Plants: From Roots to Riches
  7. BBC: Gardener's Question Time
  8. BBC: Gardener's Corner
  9. The RHS Gardening Podcast
  10. Chelsea Green
  11. The Organic Gardener
  12. Back to My Garden (now on You Tube)
  13. Master Gardener's Hour
  14. A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach
  15. Creative Living and Growing in the Heartland
  16. Garden Gossip
  17. Garden Guy's Green Revolution
  18. Your Own Victory Garden
  19. The Alternative Kitchen Garden Show 
  20. The Self-Sufficient Gardener Podcast
  21. Garden How To
  22. The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Musings
  23. Don't Panic It's Organic
  24. Gardening Through the Seasons
  25. Garden Geek's Podcast
  26. Gardenerd - Tip of the Week
  27. Purdue Extension Yard & Garden
  28. The Plant Advice Gardening Podcast
  29. Gardening in a Minute
  30. Gardens Illustrated Magazine
  31. Still Growing
  32. Growing a Greener World
  33. Burpee 
  34. The Permaculture Podcast
  35. Permaculture Voices
  36. Sow Grow Repeat (The Guardian)
  37. The Sod Show (Ireland)
  38. Smart Gardens (WCCO)
  39. The Plant Detective (NPR)
  40. Gardening with Tim and Joe (BBC)
  41. Living Permaculture (KDNK)
  42. Vermont Garden Journal (NPR)
  43. Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener (on YouTube too)
 So... no more excuses for being bored while you weed!!

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