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Monday, May 25, 2015

Late May Bloomin' Update

Just a quick update of what is blooming in "MI" garden now:

The irises have bloomed in the front garden. I love their dark, dramatic flowers.
The lilac's are blooming! (I wish this screen was scratch 'n' sniff for your sake, reader!)
Creeping pholx.  Again, we need smell-a-vision!
Black Eyed Susan Vine.  The mailbox should look HOT with these this year!
Hyssop/Agastaches.  Hopefully bees, butterflies and humming birds will locate these quickly!
Blanket flower. I feel like these are a bit early. Perhaps because I bought them from the nursery and planted them this spring. These usually don't flower until late in June.  But I am happy I have them now! :)
Coming soon: Waiting to burst... the Peonies!

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