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Friday, May 29, 2015

Early June Bloom Update

Another quick update on what's blooming in "MI" garden - Early June:

More frothy, colorful irises!

"Poppies, poppies, poppies will make them sleeeeep..." Not with these bright colors, sister!
One of the lovely ladies at Brighton Garden Club gave me some trillium (a.k.a. wake robin). They are at the end of their bloom season, but still so delicate and pretty!

A red trillium.
Spiderwort. This plant wants to take over the world via rhizome. But it does make a nice blue flower.

Sweet Woodruff. This one is traditionally used to flavor May wine.

The weiglia bush is making some hot-colored blooms.

/Whispered mysteriously/ "Rosebud..."

A rugosa rosebud to be exact. I LOVE these roses. They are tough,  even through a Michigan winter. They are resistant to disease, and make large, edible hips in the fall. They smell FABULOUS too.

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