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Monday, March 2, 2015

Special Thanks to Dave Ledoux at "Back to My Garden"!

I have had the great honor of being interviewed by Dave Ledoux, creator of the podcast "Back to My Garden," and "neighbor" just across the way in Ontario, Canada.  You can access the interview at:

Mr. Ledoux is a kind and courteous interviewer and a great proponent of gardening.  Before the interview, he told me that the main objective of his podcast is to encourage more people to garden and to put gardeners in touch with each other. What a fantastic goal!  More importantly: it is working!

Mr. Ledoux has interviewed a great variety of gardeners from around the world including amateurs such as myself, professional garden designers, master gardeners, head gardeners of great estates, authors, and even the television personality Joe Lamp'l of "Growing a Greener World."

Thank you, Mr. Ledoux, for all you have done for the gardening community.  Your podcast has been a fantastic resource for gardening knowledge.  I have listened to every episode.

I also want to thank every person who you have interviewed.  Their knowledge is invaluable.  The sense of community and generosity of gardeners never ceases to amaze and delight me.  

Please check out the "Back to My Garden" blog and podcast episodes at:

Also, please consider reviewing the podcast at itunes and give it the 5 stars that it deserves!

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