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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Gardening: A-religious, Non-partisan, Social-Political Activism

The attacks in France, threats by North Korea, wars, protests, global resource inequities and chaos in the news have had me thinking lately. I have been considering the social-political implications of gardening.  The quiet POWER of gardening. I believe that gardening is one of the few practices that is simultaneously inoffensive to any religious sensibility, inoffensive to any political party and still has the ability to change the world.

     Gardening can delight the Democrats (left wing, liberals):  By gardening you support the environment.  You reduce the use of fossil fuels by walking out to your back yard to gather your own food instead of driving somewhere to buy it.  You reduce the number of animals killed by eating more vegetables.  You grow food and flowers that can be shared with others.  What touches the hippy sensibilities more than  giving “Mother Earth” and her trees big old hugs?

     Gardening can make the Republicans (right wing, conservatives) happy:  By gardening or farming you create products that can be sold or traded.  This supports the economy. You can sell products and ideas that support gardening, which also supports the economy.  You produce food that during war time allows the army and civilians to carry on and helps to preserve national security (think victory gardens). 

     Gardening can make Libertarians and even Anarchists smile:  By gardening you can become self-sufficient.  You can homestead, go off grid and support yourself with the food that you grow for yourself. You don’t need “the man” to provide for you!

     Gardening can bring joy to religious groups:   At least three major religions (Christianity, Judaism & Islam) actually yearn for the perfect garden: Eden.  All other religions venerate life and want to support it. Many religious leaders from Buddhists to Catholics spend their lives praying and tending gardens.  What better than growing a garden as an expression of praise for a higher power?

    Gardening can make Atheists, Agnostics and Scientists of any religious or a-religious persuasion glad:  Where better to watch the science of nature in action than in a garden? Mendel’s peas were grown in a garden.  Darwin’s observations were all of plants and animals.  Biology, botany, chemistry, and physics all take place within a garden.  What a glorious microcosm to study, love, and be in the “now” with!

    The only political party that *might* be made unhappy by gardening is an autocracy.  It is very difficult to starve your people into submission when they grow their own food.

    So be an activist.  Combat evil.  Support world peace and unity. 

                   GROW A GARDEN!

                                                   Think about it!

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