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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Time to celebrate new beginnings! New hope! Old friends! To party and get our drink on!

We all have the hope for spring that comes with the new year, but many of us become impatient with waiting.  That's why so many of us Michiganders travel south to places like Florida this time of year. 

My husband and I did that very thing last year.  While there, my kind and generous cousins gifted us with some of their beautiful meyer lemons from the tree in their back yard.

 Meyer lemon trees nearly fall over with the weight of their own lemons this time of year in places like Florida and California.  Lemons can also be grown indoors in Michigan.  You can find dwarf lemon trees at garden centers such as Bordine's Nursery in the summer or order them online at sites such as Logee's.  Directions on how to care for an indoor lemon tree can be found here: How to Grow an Indoor Lemon Tree.

Once home, I transformed the lemons into marmalade, and also LIMONCELLO.  Limoncello is basically sweetened, lemon-flavored vodka.  It makes wonderful mixed drinks and is a perfect reminder of sunshine and clear skies during this gloomy time of year.

Limoncello will be my drink of choice this new year.

I am not going to pretend that I wrote the recipe for this classic drink.  Nor have I perfected it.  What I can tell you is that there is an excellent step-by-step recipe for it at America's Test Kitchen: LIMONCELLO RECIPE.   I can also tell you that the flavor seems to mellow and improve with time.  Further, it is excellent mixed with a bit of orange juice. Like a screwdriver with an extra burst of citrus sunshine.  You can view a list of mixed drink ideas using limoncello here:  Mixed Drinks with Limoncello.

I hope that you will consider trying or even making this fabulous drink this New Year 2015!

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